The beauty of outsourcing

‘’If your habits don’t line up with your dream, then you need to either change your habits or change your dream’’ – John Maxwell.

How to best define a well run and successful business? A business where profits are predicted, staff is motivated and thighs run smoothly..How do you measure your success? Is it based on your last quarter’s sales figures? Or perhaps positive guest reviews and high staff retention? How involved are you in daily running of your business and is it time to change it?

All these questions play a crucial role in defining the ultimate goal for you and your company. You choose to ignore these and you might find yourself struggling for time on a daily basis and your staff unable to cope without you. In the long term this might cause more serious issues, lower your profits, affect your staff retention and customer service and lower your life satisfaction..

‘’If you don’t  find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die’’ – Warren Buffett

There is some truth in this.. Following this thought further and having run and spoken to many business owners I dare to say a successful business is one that runs itself, without a major contribution from his owner.

How would you describe your perfect work day? Imagine a day where you start from dropping kids to school, followed by some exercise and high value tasks completed before lunchtime. You didn’t even look at your emails once. 

You go to a few meetings in the afternoon and take time discussing growth strategy with your business partner. So far you have spent 20 minutes looking at your emails and didn’t receive any sales calls. You also didn’t do any boring admin whole day! You finish your day not feeling overwhelmed, tired, confused or angry. Your physical health is stronger and your personal relationships benefit as a result. 

If that sounds like the right direction to go, you might wonder why do business owners not invest more time and money in learning how to outsource, systemise and leverage with the purpose of gaining more time and more freedom? 

It puzzles me that so many of them are happy sticking to their roles of an employee in their own business. They are the ideal employee they would want to hire – one that is working much harder and longer hours than anyone else. Oh, and one that’s never taking any long holiday.

Perhaps they don’t know any better??

It’s only through outsourcing and systemising your processes that you can achieve your ultimate goal and increase the chances of selling your business in the future. Nobody wants to buy a firm with an old boss in it. Only once you master the art of delegating and outsourcing you will gain more time and get a real peace of mind that you deserve.

‘’Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken’’ – Benjamin Franklin 

So don’t wait! Start small. 

It’s shift of your mindset and change of your habits. And we people are creatures of habit!

Published by lisanilson

Founder, ceo, youth mentor

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